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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SHOCKING NEWS!!! (But Not What You Think)

Um...hello, Ms. Lawyer? Can we make a contract???

Hi, Surrogate Dcotor,this is Michael. Is my donor going to see you soon???

Yeah, it's me again, Surrogate Agency. Can anyone tell me if I can have a July transfer???

It seems like no one has been able to give me any definite answer about anything. I'm assured that everything is still good to go in July but I want specifics! Today I finally got an email from the Wicked Witch of the Womb. She said that my donor has an appointment in early June with the doctor and things really are on track for a July transfer. She emailed my surrogate to double check that my surrogate is on board with that timing. She should be as far as I know.

Then I got some news. It turned out to be a little shocking. Well, not so much the news itself, but my reaction to the news. I think it was even more shocking than the news I got today that Arnold Schwarzenegger was getting divorced because he fathered a child with his house staffer. I believe it was more surprising than the fact the Ralph Machhio was voted off "Dancing With the Stars." It even made my jaw drop more than hearing Ashton Kutscher is probably replacing Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men."

My wicked witch is not going to be working with me any more and I felt a little sad about that.

I know...SHOCKING!

I remember a year ago I thought about going to her manager and asking for a new coordinator. I stuck it out because she really was on top of things and responded quickly to every question I had. Over the year she gave me the tidbit of information about how nice my last donor was, talked with me very sweetly about the pros and cons of a few donors I was considering and today included the fact that she was already looking for donated medicine to reduce my cost since insurance won't cover it. Like I said before, she really has a hard exterior and a nice inside. She's like a...a what...a turtle? No. An egg? That's not it. An M&M? Closer. Well, I don't know what she's like. Come up with your own analogies and post it.