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Friday, June 10, 2011

To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before -- Or So I Thought

First of all let me say that I am not -- I repeat NOT -- a Star Trek fan. Although I do know that vulcans have blue blood...wait. I just Googled that to make sure I was right and apparently it's green. Clearly the one thing I thought I knew about Star Trek I don't. Although my brother was constantly watching it as we were growing up I managed to tune out all the lasers beam, spaceship and computer talk.

Maybe I should have paid more attention to the computer talk.

When I started my blog I wasn't naive enough to think that I was the only person smart enough to chronicle my adventures. I do remember looking online for other people in similar situations and, in true Michael fashion, I probably didn't know where to look because I ignored all that computer talk. I didn't see a lot of blogs about surrogacy, egg donation and gay parents going through this process. I had hoped that my blog would be found by others who were in a similar situation and could provide support, inspiration and advice.

A year and a half later most of the people following my blog are friends of mine and, as I've said before, the support I get from everyone is so valuable. I also have a few people who I don't know who have become followers. A few months into my blogging a woman joined and has made some wonderful comments on a few postings. Recently, another stranger started following me. After some playing around on the computer (remember...I'm bad with computers) I realized that these two followers had blogs of their own and were in similar situations.

It is a weird connection but I am so excited one of them has a pregnancy and the other recently did an embryo transfer. As I look through these blogs I get excited to see the journey is coming to a happy ending for them. It gives me hope that my ending will be the same. I'm starting to feel their ups and downs with them. And while I will probably never meet them, there is a deep understanding of what we all are sacrificing to get our ultimate reward.

I joined their blogs and saw that each one of them was linked to many other blogs. I haven't looked through all of them yet, but it looks like there are blogs from other Intended Parents (IPs), single surrogates, people using surrogates in India, straight couples, gay men, gay women, and more. I am thrilled to see there are others like me out there. I hope to find a blog by a surrogate to see what it's like from her perspective. I'm on the hunt for a good one.

Maybe my final scene in the movie will be dozens of bloggers at my baby's first birthday party and they all brought their own kids. Oscar voters just eat up stuff like that.


  1. Michael!!! Your post gave me "chicken skin!" Here are TWO great surrogate blogs! One is carrying twins and one a singleton, just to give ya some variety =)!! I found your blog through no womb at the inn! ;)


  2. Kelly has a very good, informative blog from a perspective of surrogates. She has a lot of knowledge and has blogged from 2008 to present. Kelly also blog each week on "The Next Family" on various topics related to it.


    Good luck, I hope and think you will find lots of useful support and information there.

  3. I have met many great people thru this whole blogging thing too. Also a couple freaks, hence the comment moderation setting, but mostly solid folks.
    A few that we've actually met in person and become "real" normal friends with. We are keeping this quiet amongst our social circle for the time being and it has been SO helpful to have people to talk to - especially ones like Tonya that know much more about the process than me.

  4. I just found your blog through Tonya "babydreams2011" and I look forward to following your journey. Feel free to pop in on my blog if u wanna. I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant as a gestational carrier, you can see what it's like from my perspective :-)