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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I'm A Fan

The New Normal has had two episodes now and I love it.  I think it's hysterical.  I know some people think the show is only so-so but I love snarky, biting humor and I think there's a lot of it in the show's dialogue.  My friend noticed that there is no mention of contract negotiations, lawyers, doctors screening the surrogate and sperm donor, psychological evaluations, injecting medicines for weeks, etc.  Since when has Hollywood ever cared about accuracy??? 

Years ago I interpreted a sociology class that talked about the media's influence on society.  The professor talked about the portrayal of minority groups on TV and in films.  She said at first African Americans were only portrayed as slaves.  Then they won roles as janitors.  Later they took on roles as mail carriers, doctors and finally presidents.  Asian-American actors were only karate experts and masseuses.  Over time they became nurses, best friends and a Charlie's Angel.  Gays started out as hair dressers and florists but moved up to doctors and lawyers.  Her point was that first exposures to new groups are threatening to the majority and often they need to be shown as people without power.  While surrogates are not a threat to most people (although the NBC affiliate in Salt Lake City feels they are and refuses to air the show), we get a very one-sided, silly view of the surrogacy process to start.  Surrogates are new to TV...and let's not forget it's a sitcom too so we can't get too deep. 

Before I analyze this too much (too late) let's just celebrate the fact that there is a show on a major network talking about a surrogate working with a gay couple.  That's huge exposure and will hopefully give more people some insight into the wondeful, unique and powerful relationships that are created between surrogates and intended parents.

Oh...and I cried during both episodes.  No surprise there.  I was thinking back to when I was just getting started with my surrogate.  All the hopes, fears, nerves, joy and other emotions that I felt knowing that steps were happening to make my dream come true came flooding back.  I hope the show lasts a while so I can take this journey with these people.


  1. Excellent post! Can't wait to see it.

  2. I really loved it too! I haven’t watched the second episode yet, I better get on that! And really interesting point about the portrayal of minorities on tv/film

  3. I love that a surrogacy based show is out there, especially involving two dads.

    Love, love, love!

  4. The second episode hasn't aired here yet but I cant wait! I did find it a little weird that one minute they were meeting and the next minute she is having a was awfully quick...but I do like the show and cant wait to see how it progresses

  5. I like it okay. Adrian, not so much. And I have another friend who called it a "gay minstrel show." But I did get a belly laugh from the "no, I don't do vaginas... they look like tarantula faces" line.

  6. I missed the second episode this week, darn. While it was clearly over the top and missing like a million pieces I'm with you. And the surrogates mom, lmao, what is that quote about sending Satan a congratulations letter? lol I love mostly how it shows this genuine couple together even if they started off just wanting a kid like you would want a new outfit... I mean I get the humor and they do through in some sincerity! ;)