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Friday, October 11, 2013

Where Are My Bloggers?

About two years ago I wrote a blog entry talking about my online family.  I have become Facebook friends with a few of them and have loved to watch their families grow.  A lot of my cyber-families have had success with surrogacy.  There are a lot of new parents out there and a lot of lovely surrogates who update me (and everyone else) on the beautiful babies they now have or carried.  There are still a few families out there who haven't had success and it's hard to watch these online friends go through so many ups and downs.  I'm still hoping these last few couples I have followed will find success and become parents. 

If you look at our lives today and compare them with a few years ago I have to say that the biggest difference, of course, is that we now have kids.  The second biggest difference is that I don't get as many blog entries to read. 

I usually log into my blogs on the two days I work.  A few years ago I was thrilled to get updates on so many surrogacy stories every time I logged in.  Now I only see a couple entries a week instead of a couple entries a day.

I'm busy too.  Life with kids is keeping me much busier (and much more exhausted) than I could have imagined.  I know my time is now spent making forts out of blankets and kissing bumped heads instead of blogging.  Still, I hope that I'll get updates on my online family for years to come.  There is something amazing about what we all went through together - the support, the tears, the ultrasounds, and the joyful endings.  The surrogates, IPs and babies really do have a special place in my heart.

Of course my surrogate is still in touch with me.  She hasn't seen the boys in a while and I really hope to change that.  I had said before that not a day will go by, for the rest of my life, that I don't think of her.  That's true.  I'm always thinking of her as I look at my kids.  My mind then often wonders what's going on with Jenni, Jesse, Doug, Allie, Jude, Baxter, and all the other people who I've met.  Keep in touch and know that I'm thinking of all of you.


  1. Michael!!!! I miss you and your blog... I am working on an entry now so check back soon! HUGS my friend!! <3 <3

  2. Very sweet post, Michael! I love that you keep up with all of us! :)