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Friday, October 21, 2011


I'm not someone who really is into astrology. Years ago someone made my astrological chart. It was the really detailed kind of chart based not only on my birthday, but the time and the location of where I was born. I thought it was about 50% accurate and 50% totally off base.

My weekly emails about the pregnancy gave me a fun website to try. It tells you how parents and kids relate based on their signs. Do I really believe it? No. But it's fun to see what it says. Check out the link below to see your relationship with your child.

The twins' due date is April 11th or 12th (we've heard both) and twins usually come about 2-3 weeks early so I can pretty safely assume they'll be Aries. The website says this:

Your fun-loving spontaneity is the perfect foil for your Aries child's brash, independent spirit. You'll never tire of watching him meet, greet, and challenge the world in his inimitably courageous way. You both love bouncing from one attraction to the next, so getting out of the house is a must -- think bright, noisy places filled with lots of different people and diversions, like amusement parks, fairs, and other family fun centers.

On the rare occasion that you're home together, you can still let your little Aries explore at his own fast pace. With your energy, you should have no trouble keeping up! But you should pay attention, because this little one may be prone to burns and accidents. In general, some grounded energy is in order here, and you may need to rely on someone more levelheaded and practical to keep you two on a schedule.

Great. "Prone to burns and accidents." Like I didn't have enough to worry about already!


  1. ...and the fact that he/she doesn't think you're
    "level headed"!!! :-) Or is that the 50% you didn't agree with? We are only a couple months apart...our due date is May 17th!

  2. This wasn't a person who told me I'm not levelheaded, Doug. The person who did my chart did it way back in 1999. This was the website I posted that told me I'm not levelheaded. What does the website say about the compatibility between you and your baby?

  3. Am I supposed to be the level-headed one then?