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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Strange But True

Before I write today's entry I just wanted to say to everyone that I appreciate you listening to my fears about this process and letting me get out my little neurotic outburst. After hearing from surrogates telling me how seriously they take their role and hearing from parents that they got their nails done and ate chocolate every day instead of broccoli and wound up with good, healthy kids I'm feeling much calmer now. As I think I've said once or twice before, I do like and trust my surrogate. I'm not saying my fears won't pop up again, but it's good to know with venting and support I can calm down.

I will say, too, that a couple weeks ago my surrogate had some spotting. She ran to the doctor to get checked out and then emailed me to say that she didn't want to scare me so she waited until she was examined by a doctor and everything was OK. I'm sure some people would have wanted to know right away, but since I am the worrier that I am it's probably best she handled it and told me later. That made me grateful that she was concerned enough to feel something was wrong and wanted to have a doctor see if everything was OK.

Plus, according to the baby calendar, we are starting the second trimester today. That is exciting and it's allowing me to get more excited about the process.

After I write a "heavy" entry I like to write something fun. So today's entry is all about the weird world of births.

1. One woman gave birth to twins who were each in a separate uterus. The statistics in the article don't really add up. It says there have only been about 100 cases worldwide but it affects one in every 2,000 women and one in every 5 million births. I know that there have been more than 500,000,000 births considering we currently have 6-7 billion people on Earth now. Maybe a statistician can explain what I'm missing. Well, whatever the numbers really are, it's kinda cool.

2. This next one is a story of a woman who gave birth to two sets of twins. Each time one was black and one was white. How amazing is genetics?!?! It's so rare there are no statistics on how often it happens.

3. Finally, we have a bunch of different stories that you just have to read 'em to believe 'em. I won't summarize them. Just click on the link. You'll enjoy them like I did.


  1. It's ok to worry. It's a sign of being a great dad.

  2. I've read that story before about the lady with 2 sets of cool!

    PS. Yay for 2nd trimester!! I'm glad everything is ok with ur surro. I'm sure you've already heard it, but spotting is quite common in pregnancy and especially in IVF...although that doesn't make it any less scary!

  3. Great update! Glad things are going well and that the babies are healthy. YAY for 2nd trimester! Your pregnancy is gonna fly by and you will be holding those sweet babies before you know it!

  4. Thanks for those links. Neat stuff!!

    Yaaaaay for 2nd tri! D-Day will be here before you know it!

  5. Michael, Thanks for your nice post on my blog. Congrats on your twins. Thats a lot of lovable face and butt cheeks to squeeze.
    Its amazing all the emotion that comes with Surrogacy from the IP's, surrogates and others surrounding our lives. Its nice to know we have each others backs.
    So I noticed you are a sign language interrupter? My Husband Mom , Dad, sister in law and 2 nephews are deaf and his brother is a well known interrupter for Sorensen Communications. He travels a lot maybe you might know? Brad Holt? Its a small world sometimes so thought I'd ask.

    Congrats again on your baby's!!!!!

  6. Your worries are normal. :) It's hard to put 100% trust in someone else, so you're doing a fine job. :)