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Monday, February 27, 2012

Baby Shower #1

I haven't written in weeks.  I started writing two or three other posts and just didn't feel like they were right.  One was about the fact that nothing was happening but I decided that it was too boring to post.  One was a rant about the cost of living these days and how sad it is that two professionals can barely make ends meet but I decided that was too angry and preachy to post.  So I decided to just not post.

I still don't have too much to say, but in this case "no news is good news" really holds true.  The pregnancy has still been going well.  The kiddies are kicking a lot and not letting Chloe sleep soundly.  She's a little tired at the end of the day, but except for that everything seems fine. 

This weekend was the first baby shower which was thrown by my Chicago friends.  The weekend kind of started on Wednesday when my parents arrived from out of town.  Chloe said it was OK for my parents to come to the doctor's appointment and ultrasound.  My dad, who was a doctor before he retired, had seen ultrasounds before.  My mom decided to come in and watch the ultrasound.  We got great news.  Baby A's head is actually down like the doctor had suspected during last week's appointment and at 33 weeks the baby's position probably will not change.  So hopefully we will avoid the dreaded C-word most pregnant women don't want to hear.  We also got to see Baby A and Baby B open and close their mouths.  It was adorable.

On Friday afternoon we decided to open the presents that had been sent to our house.  We got books, blankets, clothes, the car seats and more.  A very generous high school friend of mine (who spent waaaaaay too much and I need to make an shrine to her in the babies' room) sent us several things including the diaper genie, refill bags for the genie and a cute Baby Einstein toy.  We got a baby monitor thanks to Aunt A, Uncle A and our nephews.  Uncle M sent us several things like bath towels and the most adorable plush rocking horse that sings.

Sunday was the big day and my friends (Bethany, Nannette, Alli, Ali, and Jon with the help of Jeff, Abby, my parents, Derek's mom and Jacki and Shelly) threw Derek and me an amazing shower.  So many friends showed up that we needed more chairs than we could find.  If the saying "It takes a village to raise a child" is true I'll be OK because I saw all the support I have from my friends and family.  We got so many wonderful and generous gifts including a Baby Magic Bullet, decals for the walls, bottles, books, blankets, clothes, a boppy and boppy cover, a baby sling and more.  We had the cutest cake and I will hopefully get pictures up soon so you can see it. 

Chloe did come to shower and I want to say thanks to all of the surrogates and IPs who encouraged me to invite her.  It was so nice to have her meet my family and friends.  Chloe brought Derek and me a beautiful gift.  It was a photo frame with three pictures: one was a Baby A ultrasound picture, one was a Baby B ultrasound picture and one was a belly picture.  She also likes to crotchet and made two adorable hats for the baby.  We can't wait for the babies to wear them. 

My hosting friends also made two books.  The first book was for Chloe.  They asked people to bring thank you notes for Chloe.  I didn't get to see the letters because they were personal, but from time to time during the party I saw Chloe flipping through the book and smiling.  I'm sure the letters were wonderful becuase I have friends who are wonderful.

Derek and I also got a scrapbook where everyone could write in parenting tips.  We got advice on feeding, songs, books, play time, nap time, cleaning, rules, equipment and more.  It's nice to have a book of tips to turn to from people we love and trust.  If you have more ideas let me know.  I'll print out the suggestions and put them in the book.

It was a fun weekend and it made me even more excited to meet these two, cute, little babies.  Next weekend we're off to Iowa to do this all over again with a bunch of Derek's friends.


  1. Oh I just love this... all of it! It's getting closer to baby time!!

  2. How sweet! It sounds like you are surrounded with wonderful friends and family. Congratulations!

  3. You have no idea how excited I am for you!! :) And God Bless Chloe! She sounds like an amazing woman and you picked the PERFECT surrogate for your babies! My advice, get all the sleep you can now because for 3 to 4 months, you will be sleep deprived. And even when you have the opportunity to sleep, you will be tempted to stay awake to watch your little ones sleep! They are SO precious when they sleep! I have gifts for you as well and will give them to you when I see you! Best of luck to you and Derek and enjoy every moment! xoxo DiAnn

  4. Sounds like a great shower! I'm glad Chloe was there to share that moment with you guys. 33 weeks! You're getting SOOOO close! Ack!

  5. I love baby showers!! are way overdue for some pictures!!

  6. How great! Showers are the bomb. I think it is so wonderful of your friends to make that book for Chloe.

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