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Friday, February 3, 2012

How Car Seats and Poop Affect Me

There isn't much to report and yet I feel like I have so much going on.  I guess I should say that there isn't much going on that is newsworthy.

I called the hospital and took care of some more paperwork.  I have a very nice contact there who has been extremely helpful to the point that I want to find her boss to praise her.  I called a pediatrician's office so that we can have a pediatrician check on the kids when they are born because the pediatrician we picked doesn't have privileges at the hospital where they will be delivered.  I got more money sent off to my escrow account.  Chloe did her gestational diabetes test and it turned out to be negative so that was good news for her and the babies.  I picked up some more hours at work so hopefully I'll make my 1,250 hours and qualify for FMLA.  The registries are set although Derek and I still have to pick cribs and mattresses. 

According to Jewish tradition we're not suppposed to have anything in the house until the babies are born.  A few thousand years ago when people made their own clothing and only breastfed that might have worked fine.  Nowadays I need my binkies, boppies, bottles and blankies the first day the babies come home.  I have been resistant to having too much in the house but at 30 weeks it is time to prepare.

My wonderful cousin, Wendy, bought us the car seats from the registry.  They arrived yesterday and it was exciting and a little scary to bring them into the house.  Yes, we have a couple of other Target packages that were sent to our home, but there's nothing identifying them as having baby stuff.  The car seats are clearly marked.

This may seem melodramatic, but it was kind of a big deal for me.  It was one more moment (a big moment) that makes being a father seem a little more real to me.  There are moments when it still doesn't seem real, but seeing proof every day will help me know that my dream is coming true.

Tomorrow I'm taking my first parenting class.  My friend learned about the different kinds of poop when she took her class.  Poop is my kryptonite.  At work I'll see a festering wound or watch blood spurting out of body parts without batting an eye, but poop makes me want to run out of the room.  I've built up some tolerance since adopting cats.  I have built up more tolerance since moving in with Derek.  No...don't go there; it's not what you think.  Derek has a cat who doesn't cover his rather smelly poops.  I'm sure, though, nothing will prepare me for the first "poo-nami" or "lolla-poop-looza."  I did just take a baby poop test at and got a 26 our of 33 so it says I'm a pro when it comes to poop. 

On a lighter note, it looks like most people think that I'm having a boy and a girl.  We have a few weeks left to guess.  And, if you're up for guessing some specifics, guess their birth weight, length, and date at  The link is on the right side of my blog.  I just changed my vote.  Keep in mind the babies were a lot heavier than average babies at the last ultrasound, they have leg bones that were measured around the 90th percentile and they will be here one way or another by about 38-ish weeks which is March 28th although my OB is on call that weekend so it could be pushed to a few days later.


  1. You have to trust me on this, you will not care about the poop. I know that sounds ridiculous, but I tend to gag just thinking about poop, but now I am offered covered in or have it on me. You will be fine, I promise. : )

  2. The winning vote has been entered at ExpectNet ;)

  3. I want to *like* Jeff and Kevin's comment :) The babies are going to be here before you know it! How exciting!

  4. Yep you will definitely get over the poop thing! Let's be honest - we are ALL naturally grossed out by poop. Becoming a parent gives you many superpowers.. poop tolerance is just one of them :)

  5. Oh the wonderful world of poop... ha ha ha... you have got this in the bag!!! you are gonna be great!

  6. I agree, the poop is nothing to worry about! Its crazy what sort of bodily fluids dont even phase you when they come from your child (I have caught throw up in my hand on more than 1 occassion - ICK!) I'm sure you will be fine :)