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Friday, March 23, 2012

No Eviction Yet

About two weeks ago Chloe told Derek she was starting to get uncomfortable.  We knew it was bound to happen and were thrilled that she made it about 35ish weeks without any major issues and very few minor issues except the never-ending nausea she had for the first trimester.  Last weekend I asked Chloe how she was doing and her response was that her feet were so swollen she could barely walk.  I told her that she must be making such a nice home for the babies that they don't want to come out, but I think she's ready to be done with this pregnancy.  She's like a landlord who is unable to evict her tenants even though they keep her up at night and steal food from her fridge.  Wait...isn't that what teenagers do too?  Who knew bad tenants, fetuses and teenagers are all the same?

When the process started I didn't think about how it would feel to watch someone suffer for a few weeks for my benefit.  OK, maybe "suffer" is too strong of a word.  But it is a little hard to know what Chloe is going through for me.  I wish I could help and do something, but we all know I can't really do much except offer to drive her to appointments or bring her some chocolate since chocolate makes everyone feel better.

Wednesday was the doctor's appointment.  When Chloe showed up she revealed her feet which were extremely swollen.  She wasn't kidding.  At least we had a little fun in the waiting room with another lady.  Chloe and this other patient were comparing their swollen feet.  Also, the weather is extremely warm for March all of a sudden so Chloe can wear sandals.

First we had the ultrasound.  Our awesome technician told us again that Derek and I have to bring the babies to the office so she can meet them and know the genders!  I  hope to do that.  My lawyer works about a half mile from the OBGYN's office so hopefully we can swing by both places in one day and show off the twins.  The technician also gave us the estimated weights of the babies.  Their weights are 7lbs 1oz and 6lbs 15oz.  Yikes.  The estimate is +/- 25%.  We're hoping to minus a few ounces, not add any! 

Chloe went into the doctor alone - like she always does - and while Derek, Chloe's mom and I were waiting I thought, "What if the doctor thinks the swelling is so bad that we are sent to the hospital right away?  I could have babies in a few hours."  As prepared as I am and as ready as I am to meet these little munchkins it was a little bit of an overwhelming thought.  

Derek and I went into the doctor's office with Chloe for the last part of the appointment.  The doctor said that Chloe is doing well and doesn't have preeclampsia so there is no reason to induce yet.  (I couldn't decide if I was relieved for me or sad for Chloe or both.)  Chloe will go into the office for one more visit on Monday to have her blood pressure checked and if she's still OK then we won't induce until next Friday. 

So that means no news yet.  You can still vote on the twins' gender or their due date and weight.  Keep an eye out for the big post that will come in 7 days or less. I sent Chloe a cookie recipe to induce birth - Jump Start Your Labor Cookies.  If she bakes them I'll let you all know to be on high alert for Baby Watch 2012.


  1. NEXT FRIDAY?????
    Oh wow. You guys are there! I will be visiting daily checking on status.

  2. Wow, you guys are getting so close! I can't wait to find out the genders!

  3. Fingers crossed for a very smooth and uneventful delivery!! It's going to happen any day now....

  4. That's so great! You're so close! I bet Chloe is huge with twins that size. I can't wait to meet them! P.S. I'm still voting on 2 boys. ;)


  5. It's getting so close!! EEK!

  6. I can hardly stand the wait! On pins and needles over here!