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Saturday, March 10, 2012


Here are some pictures of the Chicago baby shower.  Yep, they're finally here.  It took me a while because I needed to do a little bit of editing.  (We've learned that I'm clearly not a photo editor and that I should stick to my day job.)   I didn't feel it was right to post pictures of Chloe on the internet.  So, instead of Chloe, you see the actress that will play her in the smash Broadway musical and blockbuster movie and the real pictures will be for our family to love and cherish.  And besides, now I can say that I've had my picture taken with Jennifer Hudson. 

Also, the Iowa baby shower was amazing.  The Chicago shower was mostly my friends and the Iowa shower was people who I had met once or twice or not at all.  Everyone was so wonderful and happy to meet me and congratulated me and told me what an exciting adventure parenthood will be.  I wasn't planning on saying anything, but since there was so much enthusiasm about the babies I mentioned that we might be in Iowa in the fall.  I applied to give a workshop at a conference and if it's accepted we would be able to show off the babies on the way to the conference.  Of course everyone got their hopes up that they'll get to meet these two bundles of joy.  We'll see if that actually happens or not.  I hope it does since these people were generous and loving and supportive of Derek and me. 

The whole party
The grandmothers-to-be

We had a ton of gifts

Everyone had fun -- even the kids

Friends and family at the party

The cutest cake ever!

The family

The gifts at home...and that was only the first shower


  1. Congrats!! Can't wait to hear about your impending arrivals!!

  2. Wonderful! What an amazing turnout of friends and family. Looks like you scored very well in the gift department ;)

  3. It's amazing how much "showering" expectant parents get. It's almost hard to take all the attention. We've got a couple more showers to go through and we feel like we've already received so MUCH. Congrats...looks like a great time was had by all!