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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Closed Doors

I recently saw these articles posted on another blog and I wanted to share them.  They just make me sad and angry.  Basically, what the articles say, is that surrogacy in India will be limited to couples who are legally married and live in a place that recognizes surrogacy.

That means single men and women, gays, and people from a slew of countries (such as France, Germany and Norway among others) will be excluded.

I live in a city that is fairly liberal.  I work in two professions one of which is fairly open minded and the other of which is extremely open minded.  I have written posts on my blogs about how pleasantly surprised I have been with the fact that people look at me as just another family even though my family has two dads.  I really don't experience a lot of discrimination on a day to day basis.  My friends, family, co-workers, parents in the baby music classes, etc. are all open and accepting.  I sometimes forget that the world is not so friendly.  Sometimes the strides that are made only apply to a select few.

I hope that these policies change quickly.  I have faithfully followed a lot of bloggers who are single, gay, and/or from countries who have been successful in India.  It makes me sad to know that others like them will not be so lucky because they waited an extra few months or a year.

Here are the articles so you can read them yourself.


  1. Two steps forward, one backward. The world is changing and it can not be stopped. This sucks about India but it won't last or other options will come available. My IF's who have been together for seven years are getting MARRIED this year as it is now legal in their state. It's so wonderful to see the changes that are happening, the biggest one being the tone most of us have and set in our own homes! We are a new generation and it's only going to get better. <3

  2. I never thanked you for the SWEET comment you left on my blog. I think about what you wrote everyday so that's why I feel I should thank you! So very sweet of you to write such lovely and supportive little things to me :) Much love.