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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Special Book

There is a book that my friend got me.  It's not just any friend, though.  It's the Michaela in the "Michael & Michaela" story so that makes it extra special.  And the book is called Why I'm So Special: A Book About Surrogacy With Two Daddies.

Once you get past the 1970s mustache on the blonde daddy (and after you know the whole book was illustrated by a 9 year old it makes these childlike picture endearing) you get a sweet story that will help my children understand what it took to bring them into this world.  The book starts with the daddies falling in love, getting married (by a white haired lady without a single wrinkle!), going to the doctor, meeting a surrogate, etc.  You all know how this works.

As I read the book I think back on all the steps that I took to make these beautiful children.  My order was a little different.  I met the agency, met the surrogate, met the man, fell in love, had the children, and plan to get married one of these days when we have time to plan a wedding.  Oh, also there was nothing in my contract about a Paris trip and a dog.  Apparently the dads in the story decide to bring their surrogate to Pairs and buy her a French poodle to celebrate her being their surrogate.  (I hope the necklace Derek and I got our surrogate was satisfactory.)

I have tried to read this book to my kids several times.  I don't usually finish it.  The real reason I don't finish it is because Aaron and Jeff tend to grab books after a few pages.  They either close the books or try to rip the pages.  Secretly I'm a little grateful.  You see, every time I try to read this book I become emotional even after reading just a few pages.  Thinking back on my whole experience and finally becoming a dad is a little overwhelming and wonderful.  My emotions become a little more subdued as time goes on so one day I'm sure I'll be able to read the whole book.  It's pretty cool to have a book that parallels my life.  

While searching on Amazon it turns out that there are a few children's books on surrogacy besides this one.  Melissa at A Baby For You wrote a great post about some great books with same sex parents.  As the kids approach their first birthdays I thought about ordering some books as gifts.  Then again, maybe ordering something that makes me cry on an already emotional day isn't a great idea.  I might just have to buy something silly and fun like the present my brother gave us at the baby shower a year ago...

Anyone have other ideas for first birthday gifts?  (And yes, I know...paper and boxes are best for one year old birthday gifts!  I want to give them something besides those things, too.)


  1. I know! I know! Get them a baby brother or sister! They'll love it. Promise. :-)

  2. Check out this blog where a librarian posts about books she finds for kids in atypical families. We've ordered a few of the gay dads and surrogacy ones but so far Baxter is more interested in eating them too :)

  3. Ohhhh, this is awesome!!!!! I will have to pass this along =)