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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I've got another call to make...

I feel like I was on the phone so much this week talking with more and more people. I'm losing track of what is what now. This is the first time that I feel so overwhelmed and had to wonder for a minute if I could do this and if it is worth it all. I know it will be worth it. I can put that doubt out of my mind. But whether or not I can do it is another issue. However, I'm trying to remember that if I can make it through this process that will just be proof to myself of how strong I really am. I don't consider myself a very strong person but I'm slowly but surely I'm finding ways to notice my strength.

The good news is I hired a lawyer. I like her so far. We have a meeting this coming Tuesday to meet, sign a retainer and to talk about a million things including preparing for my meeting with the surrogate on Thursday. I like knowing that I have someone on my side looking out for me. She is going to look at the profile of the potential surrogate to give me more specific advice before the meeting.

I also called a second doctor's office. I didn't like them as much. They put me on hold probably a half dozen times during the conversation and couldn't answer several questions. I felt much more confident with the first doctor I contacted for IVF. I didn't realize that after the IVF process is done I switch to another ob/gyn. I thought I used the same doctor for the IVF and pregnancy. They overlap a little because after the embryo is transferred the IVF doctor will continue to see the surrogate a few more times to make sure everything is going well.

I also found out that there are most costs than I expected. I knew the price of the surrogacy agency. I thought we went over every cost. We did. But I didn't know that I'll owe more money to the IVF agency. That's a surprise. However, the good news is that I found out I can use my HSA (pre-tax account) to pay for (I believe) a good chunk of the costs associated with the IVF agency and it's possible my insurance will cover part of it too.

I have a meeting set up with the surrogate next Thursday. I thought I would meet the surrogate with the psychologist. I recently got an email saying that I'll be meeting her with one of the surrogacy agency owners. If we like each other then we'll move on to meeting with the agency together. I'd rather meet with the psychologist, but I guess I have no choice.
The last piece of news is that last night. at the hospital where I work, I saw a baby being born. Normally I think female interpreters should interpret a birth but I was the only one available. Of course there are ways to place myself that I don't see anything so it was ok. The mom had to have a C-section and I was in the room with her and the father during the surgery. It was pretty exciting to see the newborn baby and hear the first cry. C-sections are relatively quick and it was kind of nice to see one happen in case my surrogate needs to have a C-section. I'm taking that experience as the universe's way of telling me that it's my turn to have a child.

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  1. Wow - so much happening so quickly! Can't wait to hear how the surrogate meeting went today.

    As far as doctors, I can't recommend anyone for IV, but if your surrogate doesn't already have an OB/GYN to work with, I highly recommend my own. She and her partners are all wonderful, and they deliver at Evanston Hospital where I have now had three wonderful birth experiences, including a short visit to the NICU.