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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

You have a what???

This week I was calling doctors. I have to get some things worked out with the doctors since there is a lot to coordinate between the egg donor, the surrogate, myself, insurance companies, legal contracts, etc. One of the doctor's offices and I have been playing phone tag for the last few days. But my mind has been on the doctors.

This afternoon I got an email from the surrogacy agency asking me if I had talked with doctors and what my thoughts were about egg donors. And then there was a sentence about the agency having a suggestion for me. I read it quickly and thought it was a suggestion for an egg donor. After all, tomorrow is only 4 weeks after I put down my deposit and I wasn't expecting things to work so quickly. But when I read it again I saw that it was not a suggestion for an egg donor, but a surrogate.


I didn't expect that to happen so soon. A few hours later I got a dossier of the potential surrogate. It gives me information about her height, weight, previous pregnancies, health history, eating and exercising habits, her boyfriend/husband, why she wants to be a surrogate, who will support her in the decision, etc.

She does have health insurance which is big because not all surrogates do. However, some insurance companies don't cover surrogacy pregnancies so her insurance may not do me any good. She does have a 4 year degree in biology and wants to pursue a higher degree. Being educated often is associated with better health so that's a good thing. She seems a little religious. I'm a little concerned about her answer about being resistant to selective termination if there are more than two fetuses. But if that's the only issue it might be ok. I believe I will only transfer one embryo and the chance that it will split into three is extremely rare (if not impossible?). I'll have to talk with the doctor about that.

So I have a lot to think about over the next day or two. If I think we're a potential match then I tell the agency and they will arrange a meeting between the surrogate, her partner and myself. I'll keep you posted.

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