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Monday, April 9, 2012

The Next Chapter - Fatherhood

I have been debating if I was going to continue blogging after the twins were born.  When I started blogging I was sure I would not continue.  I thought my blog would be for my children to know what I went through to have them and to help others in the same position as me gain support for their journeys.  Once the children arrived I thought I wouldn't see a need to continue my writing.  However, that has changed.

Blogging has allowed me to do the following...

1. Document my desire to have my children so my children know their story like I had hoped.

2. Document my story so I remember the strength I had to take this journey and the support I got from family and friends.  .

3. Allow my friends and family to share my joys with me.

4. Learn from other bloggers and read some amazing stories.

5. Make some (virtual) friends as I follow their blogs and connect with others in the same situation.

6. Enjoy some creative writing.

Several of you have posted comments asking me to continue blogging.  You have no idea how good that makes me feel.  We all want to feel our lives have value and it's touching to know that many of you -- who haven't even met me -- care about my life, my children's lives, and our stories.

Although I have a few more posts left regarding surrogacy, this blog will probably come to a close soon.  However, I do plan to continue writing on new blog.  This will be a blog about fatherhood.  I hope that this blog will serve as a record to my children, help me connect with my family and friends (near, far and virtual) and allow Chloe to follow the lives of the children she helped to bring into this world.

The new blog is

I'm hoping you all will be willing to join this blog too.  I feel I have connected with so many of you in the surrogacy/IP world and I will continue reading your stories because they bring me such joy.  Hopefully my stories will bring you joy as well.


  1. Glad you're going to continue to write. It's important. History, really! :-)

  2. I am such a happy girl right now! You bet I'm going to join the new blog! Proud follower #6 here! :)

  3. Hi,
    Will you please post a link to your Blog at The Fatherhood Community? Our members will appreciate it and as the father of 3 teenage boys, I will too.
    Members include: Fathers, Dads, Daddies, Fatherhood Lovers, Experts and Fans.
    It's easy to do, just cut and paste the link and it automatically links back to your website. You can also share Photos, Videos and Articles if you like.
    Email me if you need any help or would like me to do it for you.
    Please feel free to share as often and as much as you like.
    The Fatherhood Community:
    I hope you consider sharing with us.
    Thank you,
    James Kaufman, Editor