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How 2 men + 2 women - sex + science = 2 babies!!

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How a man, another man, a woman, another woman, a couple lawyers, a few doctors, a psychologist, a couple social workers and some agencies make a baby.

Sunday, April 1, 2012


They're finally here.  You all get to see pictures -- and a couple of videos -- of the cutest babies on earth.  They are, in fact, the cutest babies on earth as judged by Derek and me.  And I swear we were completely unbiased judges.  ;-)

Aaron and Jeff's first picture
Me with the twins
Jeff and Aaron wearing the hats the surrogate made
The first family portrait
Sleeping Aaron

Sleeping Jeff

They love each other

Derek also is turning into quite the camera man.  Here is a video of Derek holding the babies when they are three days old.  It's "The Twins Making Derek Fall In Love With Them."

And Derek somehow had the sense to film "Aaron's First Feeding."  We had been awake for almost 24 hours and he still had the skill and the sense to capture this beautifully.  


  1. aaron's like, "dude, jeff, be quiet!" and jeff's like, "ok, gosh!"

  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I have tears!! What a beautiful ending to the first chapter in your lives as daddies!!!! CONGRATS!!!!

  3. These are so beautiful! You'll be thrilled to have these in years to come.

  4. Ohhhhh my goodness. They are perfect! Beautiful! Loved the pictures AND the videos. Hearing newborn "grunts" brings tears to my eyes. Truly precious. Congrats again guys. Job well done!

  5. This is so wonderful, Michael and Derek. I have loved following your journey. I was crying when you fed baby Aaron for the first time. :) I am so happy for you both. xo (stacey f)

  6. Oh wow! Congratulations! So beautiful!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE that first video!! Very precious little boys.

  8. I hear Sundance calling! How could they not? Those are exceptionally beautiful babies! (Did I hear the cameraman shedding tears of joy while filming??)
    Congrats all!

  9. AMAZING!!! They are so adorable! I love the pics and the video! I hope you continue to blog, I will miss you terribly if you don't! CONGRATS again!

  10. Congrats guys! They are perfect!! So happy for you!!

  11. Congrats and well done guys. My babies are almost five weeks and I'm missing their "newbornness" already!

  12. They are adorable! Congratulations!

  13. OMG. These tears are happy tears. Nothing like a newborn. I heard sniffles from Derek and that was when I lost it. They are perfect you guys.

    PLEASE don't stop blogging. I'm begging you. :)