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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Babies are Everywhere

I thought, when you ride a roller coaster, the big drops are at the beginning and the ride calms down as you get towards the end. Clearly I was wrong. I recently had an amazing high that then dropped very low.

On Saturday I called the fertility clinic to ask what had happened with my donor. I was told the doctors got 13 eggs. Thirteen!!! What a lovely number. This was better than I could have expected. I felt like 13 eggs would give me a great chance of having a lot of viable embryos.

After the eggs were retrieved they were fertilized. The nurse said she did get the message to do ICSI and assisted hatching so that was a relief too.

Today was the call with news about how many eggs turned into embryos. As I listened to the message it did make my heart pound. It's incredible how one little word can change your life. Hearing a number like "12" would be very different than hearing a number like "3." The magic number was seven. Four of the eggs were immature and couldn't be used. One egg was degenerative. That left me with eight. Of the eight eggs that were healthy, seven made it through the first day of fertilization.

Of course I wanted more. But I have also heard from some people that having 6-8 embryos is average. I'm just trying not to freak out until I talk with the doctor on Tuesday or Thursday.

On a lighter note, babies are starting to pop up in my life. On Saturday I met a friend of mine for brunch with her 2 month old baby. She let me feed him. I was burping him after feeding him. I was watching his head sway from side to side and getting further and further away from the burp cloth. Sure enough, when his head was turned completely to the side facing me, he spit up his milk all over my shirt. Guess that's just my first taste of being a dad. At least I haven't had to deal with dirty diapers...yet.

And tonight I went to rehearsal for a show. I have a prop wallet with $25 in it. I opened the wallet and saw the fake $25. Nothing else was in the entire wallet except some photo holders. There were eight photos and they all were photos of babies. that a little bit of a sign? Let's hope.


  1. Does the props director know what you're going through? Sounds like a set-up to me.

  2. O.M.G., Michael! (I hate that acronym, but it's just too appropriate)

    This morning, as I was driving to work (having not facebooked all day yesterday), I was thinking about you. I realized that you must have gotten a call about the embryos by now, and was wondering how if went. I thought, "He got lucky #13 for eggs, but I know they don't all end up fertilized, so he needs another lucky number. That would be 7. So maybe he'll get 7 embryos. That would be cool!"

    And lo and behold, I was right! Aaaah!

    Oh, and just wait. Once you actually have them implanted and are officially "pregnant" you will suddenly start noticing pregnant women everywhere!


  3. Kimberly is right. You never realize how many pregnant women are around until you are expecting!