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Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Proudly Baked in a Surrogate Oven"

Late last week I got the email address and phone number for my surrogate. I emailed her and she recently emailed me back. How on earth do you start a conversation/friendship/business partnership under these circumstances? I have never seen a Hallmark card for this and believe me, I looked. I did, however, find a card celebrating meat, Ramen, samurai time, tea and terrible teeth at

There is, however, surrogate themed clothing. Just in case I have an overwhelming urge to buy my baby a onesie that says, "Proudly baked in a surrogate oven" or buy the surrogate a "Yes I'm pregnant. No, it's not mine." t-shirt for Christmas I know I can order it at I might "accidentally" forget to add those shirts to the baby registry.

I will admit it is a little awkward, but I'm sure it will be better as time goes on. My surrogate, as most of you know, hopes to be a D.O. (doctor of osteopathic medicine) so I mentioned that I work in a hospital and if she had any questions maybe I could find out some answers. I figured that was a good way to bond at first. And I sincerely do hope that she is successful in her career path. Why would I want to wish her anything but success? So we'll see where she is in 9 months and I'm sure you'll be getting some updates about her.

I recently posted about suspending my blog for 3 months. Many people wait for the first trimester to pass before announcing a pregnancy. I am a little superstitious and scared to talk about the pregnancy. But then I received an email from a friend who, unfortunately, had lost a baby right around the end of the first trimester and she was already showing. She said people knew and the support she got helped her get through the ordeal. It was very touching to have her open up to me like that since I hadn't known the story. Once again I get amazing support from people I wouldn't expect! So I'm leaning towards continuing my blog.

Approximately two weeks from today (I still don't have an exact date) the egg donor will go in for her egg retrieval procedure. Yep...two weeks. A great interpreting teacher of mine believed life is like a roller coaster. Once you're on it you can't get off until it comes to a stop. I'm trying to think of this process in that way. There's no getting off the ride now. And, in my experience, once I get off a scary roller coaster, I usually want to get back on and ride it again! Hopefully this process will have the same effect on me.


  1. Joel says:

    Two things -
    1) I think a meat card is appropriate for all occasions.
    2) If you mean what I think you mean by your roller coaster metaphor, does this mean you want to have more children?

    Kim says:
    If I were a surrogate, I would totally want the "No it's not mine" shirt. You'll have to feel out her personality before Hanukkah.

  2. Maybe you could go with the "I'm not the mom, just the stork option" for Hanukkah. ;> I liked that one.
    And Michael, since you convinced me to go "live" with my blog, you are absolutely right, the amount of support I've gotten has been incredible. If any of your readers want to continue following another exciting journey, please invite them to After all, they need to know the "Michaela" part of Michael & Michaela's Adventures in Surrogacy.....Wait, that sounds too much like a really bad high school educational video. Then again, it is the 21st century. It could make sex ed a whole lot more exciting!