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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm the Next Neil Patrick Harris

Over the weekend it was announced that Neil Patrick Harris is having twins born through a surrogate. I found that a little bit of a weird coincidence that he is going through this process at the same time I joked that he should play me in the movie. My friend wants Amy Adams to play her. I'm secretly hoping that Amy Adams is the egg donor for Neil Patrick Harris' baby. If she is I'll have to quit my job and spend the next 9 months trying to contact Neil Patrick Harris to get him to produce and star in my movie. One friend thinks he's not Jewish enough to play me. So the new plan is that Amy Adams will be my friend Michaela in the "Michael & Michaela" movie, I will play myself and get my big break and Neil Patrick Harris will play my love interest. I think it's perfect! Amy, Neil and I all sing too, so when the movie is turned into a Broadway musical we can all still be in the show. I see absolutely nothing wrong with this plan.

I got some good news today too. The surrogate went in for more monitoring and she is now above the threshold that the doctors want. I was also told she has a "nice quality" for her uterine lining. I never thought I'd hear those words in reference to that. A nice quality of life. Sure. A nice quality shirt. OK. A nice quality uterine lining. Not so much. But I'll take it. So she is ready to take an embryo.

The egg donor was on more medication over the weekend and it seems to have helped. She went from having 13 follicles to 21. The nurse said some of the follicles are tiny and may not produce good eggs. But she also said "overall, it's a great quantity." Again, it may not be optimal, but I'll take it for now. The surrogate will be on medication for two more days and then she'll go in for another check. We'll see if she actually donates on August 18th like my fortune cookie predicted or not.

I'm trying to read up on this whole process of egg follicles and ovulation so I understand it a little more. As a gay man I have to admit I'm not very familiar with cycles and ovaries and other girly parts. (Yes...I am calling them girly parts.) When I interpret ob/gyn appointments I definitely have to ask the doctor for clarification at times. I guess we have proof that my sex ed classes in high school failed a little, although I'm not sure follicle stimulation of a donor to be mixed with frozen sperm in a dish was a common topic 20 years ago. However, in my defense, I do remember one high school girl saying she had cramps so bad she could feel which ovary it was in. After she left the room, a boy - a senior, no less - responded with, "You mean she's going to have a baby?!?!?" I think the sex ed classes were a little lacking and my being gay might not be the only reason hoo-has and bajingas are foreign to me.


  1. I just so happen to know both NPH and Amy Adams. So when you're ready, you let me know! But only if I get to be in the movie. With love, your Stagedoor/NU friend in NYC

  2. Regarding follicle counts: be not discouraged; babies made the normal way usually happen from 1 follicle.

    Regarding female classmates who have "cramps so bad she can feel what ovary it's in": She needs to go back to health class. Cramps are a uterine issue. Usually when one develops an "excessive quality" in the uterine lining. (From now on, all references to uteri or other girly parts must include a reference to the quality of the lining of said parts.)


  3. To my anonymous friend: Yes, you can be in the movie. I think you should be the anonymous egg donor since she's smart, Jewish and anonymous...just like you on this blog! :-D

    And the girl who was saying she knew which ovary was working that month was kidding. She really knew it wasn't an ovary cramping up. The boy, however, did have to go back to health class for real.

    But I'm glad I now know that the quality of girly parts affects how they feel. I have learned something today.

  4. hoping for the best news soon... pregnancy!